All About Life In Yolo County

Yolo County, California

Yolo County is an agricultural area located in Sacramento Valley. The County is populated mostly by farms and other agricultural places. Yolo County is home to many exciting things that are open to the public.

Placer County Courthouse, Auburn, California
Placer County Courthouse, Auburn, California

The United States Bicycling Hall of Fame

Located in Davis, California the United States Bicycling Hall of Fame is one of the biggest attractions in Yolo County. The Museum features historic bicycles, topical exhibits, and the top floor holds the Hall of Fame. It was formerly located in Somerville, New Jersey but moved to Davis in 2010.

Whole Earth Festival

The Whole Earth Festival started in 1969 when Jose Arguelles held an “Art Happening” in his class at the University of California’s campus in Davis. After the first Earth Day in 1970 the Art Happening was renamed to Whole Earth and has been held every mother’s day weekend since it began. At the festival you can find numerous musical acts, many art exhibits, handmade craft and service vendors, and spiritual/educational workshops. You can even enjoy many different types of organic foods from over 20 different vendors!


Yolo County is a strong Democratic county when it comes to politics. The last republican to win the majority in Yolo county was Dwight Eisenhower in 1952. Yolo County is split between California’s third and sixth congressional districts in the USA’s House of Representatives. The third being represented by John Garamendi and the sixth being represented by Doris Matsui. The County is split between California’s third and sixth Senate districts. The third being represented by Lois Wolk and the sixth being represented by Richard Pan. It’s split between the fourth and seventh Assembly districts in the California State Assembly. The fourth being represented by Bill Dodd and the seventh being represented by Kevin McCarty. In 2008 Yolo County was one of just 3 counties in the state of California to reject Proposition 8 to ban lesbian and gay marriage.


Yolo County Life

Yolo County is one of the major contributors in California to its Multi-Billion dollar state of California tomato industry that provides about 90% of the United States canned and processed tomato stock. It also provides about 35% worldwide.

The crime rates in Yolo County are relatively low. The highest percentage of violent crimes in the county per 1,000 people is 3.84. The property crime, according to Yolo County Accident Attorneys, however is slightly higher with the highest percentage being 30.80 per 1,000 people.

The town of Davis in Yolo County is also host to a branch of the University of California. Many of the younger residents of Yolo County chose to attend college at this branch or travel to the main University of California campus.

Random Facts

Yolo County was originally supposed to be spelled Yola. It has since been changed to Yolo because it is believed to be a derivative of the Native American name Yo-loy which means “a place abounding in rushes. It can also be taken that the name was derived from the chief Yodo or of the viallage Yodoi. It does not, however, have any association with the popular YOLO acronym meaning “You only live once.”

Yolo County was one of the first established Counties in the state of California.


The four major cities in Yolo County are Davis, West Sacramento, Woodland, and Winters.

Since the early 1920’s a Republican has only been voted by the majority four times. The highest Democratic win in the county was a dramatic Republican: 29.5% 2,515 to Democratic: 67.8% 5,780 in 1932. While the highest Republican win was Republican: 62.0% 3,375 to Democratic: 32.8% 1,787 in 1920.

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