Public Transportation in Yolo County

The Reduction in Drunk Drivers

There has been public transportation for many years in large cities and now getting a ride to where you want to go has only become easier due to the various options that you have available to you. Things like public transportation and ridesharing through companies like Yolobus, Fairfield-Suisun Transit, and Uber, just to name a few, are just some of your options. Other companies such as taxi services also exist to get you to the places that you desire to go with ease and it has only become easier over time.


DUIs and Transportation Options

The number of DUIs a year has risen astronomically over the years as many die or become severely injured in DUI related accidents. Many loved ones have been lost to someone driving when they should not have gotten behind the wheel of their car have shown up on the news or in the papers. And while these sad stories should serve as a reminder to find a dedicated designated driver for our trips to the many bars and clubs that surround each and every city, these accidents still occur. However, one of the ways that these fatalities and depressing stories can end is to simply find a way home from the bar through various other forms of transportation. Things like buses, taxis, and other services exist to get you home without the worry of getting behind the wheel when you shouldn’t.

DUIs and Yolo County Transportation

With many forms of transportation in place for those who enjoy going to the bar for a few drinks with friends or simply to have a good time, the number of DUIs per year have actually decreased because people are using these options to get home rather than driving. Companies such as Uber are extremely useful because all you need to do is click a button on your smartphone to book a car that can come pick you up and take you where you want to go, according to Yolo County DUI Lawyer Michael Rehm. This not only saves you from the guilt of harming someone while you are under the influence, but can also save you from the thousands of dollars in fees and time spent for getting arrested with a DUI.



Simply by spending a little bit of money to take the bus or a taxi home from the bar can also save you thousands in court costs and fees for driving while drunk. There is no reason why anyone shouldn’t have a small budget for their ride home if they cannot get a designated driver to instead take a cab or bus home. There are other costs as well to driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs besides the money that you will be forced to spend on fees. The emotional damage that can take place when a drunk driver has hurt or killed someone in an accident can haunt them for the rest of their lives, and while you may spend time in prison for a DUI accident that has killed someone, the pain can be unbearable.


Lessons Learned

Rather than driving home after having a couple of drinks with friends, don’t get in your car, just call on Uber or another taxi service to get you home. You can also ride the bus to the stop nearest your home to avoid DUI charges. These actions can further decrease the number of DUI accidents and arrests within Yolo County, California and other areas by simply planning ahead. You can even ask your bartender to call you a cab to ensure you aren’t on the road when you shouldn’t be.

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